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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase the mauritanian.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. boys of abu ghraib
2. muhammad ali's greatest fight
3. rectify
4. a prophet
5. rosewater
6. bram fischer
7. the good traitor
8. mosul
9. amistad
10. the count of monte cristo
11. solomon northup's odyssey
12. an officer and a spy
13. armistice
14. my friend dahmer
15. a journal for jordan
16. roots
17. carlos
18. the look of silence
19. the imitation game
20. lone survivor
21. sully
22. breaking
23. city of ghosts
24. syriana
25. stalag 17
26. the counselor
27. blackkklansman
28. nineteen eighty-four
29. the conscientious objector
30. moonlight
31. stillwater
32. the outsider
33. a soldier's story
34. prisoner of the mountains
35. the good liar
36. the green mile
37. the impossible spy
38. text
39. jarhead
40. the catcher was a spy

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