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We found 64 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word release:
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Miscellaneous dictionaries Miscellaneous (1 matching dictionary)
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Religion dictionaries Religion (1 matching dictionary)
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Slang dictionaries Slang (1 matching dictionary)
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Quick definitions from WordNet (release)

noun:  (music) the act or manner of terminating a musical phrase or tone
noun:  a formal written statement of relinquishment
noun:  activity that releases or expresses creative energy or emotion
noun:  merchandise issued for sale or public showing (especially a record or film) ("A new release from the London Symphony Orchestra")
noun:  a process that liberates or discharges something ("There was a sudden release of oxygen")
noun:  the act of liberating someone or something
noun:  a legal document evidencing the discharge of a debt or obligation
noun:  the act of allowing a fluid to escape
noun:  an announcement distributed to members of the press in order to supplement or replace an oral presentation
noun:  the termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart)
noun:  euphemistic expressions for death
verb:  part with a possession or right
verb:  make (information) available publication ("Release the list with the names of the prisoners")
verb:  generate and separate from cells or bodily fluids ("Release a hormone into the blood stream")
verb:  let (something) fall or spill a container
verb:  grant freedom to; free from confinement
verb:  release, as from one's grip
verb:  make (assets) available ("Release the holdings in the dictator's bank account")
verb:  eliminate (substances) from the body
verb:  prepare and issue for public distribution or sale

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