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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase nobel disease.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. nobel prize effect
2. affluenza
3. mental illness denial
4. pseudoscience
5. pseudoskepticism
6. fringe science
7. theory-ladenness
8. scientific misconduct
9. junk science
10. scientistic materialism
11. moral insanity
12. curse of knowledge
13. fringe theory
14. award
15. global warming conspiracy theory
16. environmental skepticism
17. abnormal psychology
18. germ theory denialism
19. solipsism syndrome
20. causes of mental disorders
21. cognitive distortion
22. schizophrenia
23. paranoid personality disorder
24. literary award
25. psychosis
26. pathological science
27. transhumanist politics
28. mental disorder
29. dysrationalia
30. antiscience
31. gerontophobia
32. self-medication
33. sociology of scientific ignorance
34. maladaptation
35. superstition in india
36. lifestyle disease
37. physics envy
38. ideas and delusions of reference
39. scholar
40. illusion of asymmetric insight

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