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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase new town central park.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. hyde park, sydney
2. shanghai disneyland
3. jingshan park
4. beihai park
5. bishan-ang mo kio park
6. changdeokgung
7. old summer palace
8. central park
9. parque del buen retiro, madrid
10. inwood hill park
11. millennium park
12. englischer garten
13. beijing shijingshan amusement park
14. bois de boulogne
15. central park, sydney
16. golden gate park
17. richmond park
18. people's park in the sky
19. parc monceau
20. piedmont park
21. flamengo park
22. eco park, new town
23. shanghai ifc
24. humble administrator's garden
25. parc de la villette
26. huntley meadows park
27. ocean park hong kong
28. boston public garden
29. happy valley
30. auckland domain
31. meridian hill/malcolm x park
32. centennial olympic park
33. stanmer park
34. fort tryon park
35. beijing national indoor stadium
36. city square mall
37. friedrich-ludwig-jahn-sportpark
38. lohas park
39. changi business park
40. city hall park

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