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1. i’d
2. i’d/we’d be delighted
3. i’d lay money/odds/a bet on something
4. i’d lay money odds a bet on something
5. i’d like to see someone do something
6. i’d like to think
7. i’d love to
8. i’d sooner do something
9. i’d we’d be delighted
10. i’ll
11. i’ll/we’ll have to see
12. i’ll be bound
13. i’ll be damned/i’m damned
14. i’ll be damned i’m damned
15. i’ll believe it/that when i see it
16. i’ll believe it that when i see it
17. i’ll give you that
18. i’ll give you three guesses
19. i’ll kill him/her/them
20. i’ll kill him her them
21. i’ll knock your/his etc. block off
22. i’ll knock your/his etc block off
23. i’ll knock your his etc block off
24. i’ll say
25. i’ll second that
26. i’ll show you/him/them etc
27. i’ll show you him them etc
28. i’ll swing for someone
29. i’ll teach you to do something
30. i’ll thank you to do something
31. i’ll wager
32. i’ll warrant
33. i’ll we’ll have to see
34. i’m
35. i’m afraid
36. i’m all right jack
37. i’m all set
38. i’m ashamed to say/admit
39. i’m ashamed to say admit
40. i’m bound to say
41. i’m easy
42. i’m not bothered
43. i’m not particular
44. i’m serious
45. i’m sorry
46. i’m sorry to say/report
47. i’m sorry to say report
48. i’ve
49. i’ve heard about


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