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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase environmental effects of transport.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. energy in the united states
2. fossil fuel
3. methane emissions
4. human impact on the environment
5. greenhouse gas emissions
6. energy industry
7. pollution
8. chlorine cycle
9. electric energy consumption
10. energy efficiency in transport
11. energy in germany
12. environmental effects of aviation
13. climate change
14. carbon footprint
15. environmental impact of concrete
16. energy in victoria
17. oil spill
18. diesel
19. energy mix
20. fuel efficiency
21. energy transition
22. timeline of alcohol fuel
23. diesel exhaust
24. ocean deoxygenation
25. engine efficiency
26. exhaust gas
27. fuel-management systems
28. global warming potential
29. fuel economy
30. carbon cycle
31. earth's energy budget
32. embodied energy
33. carbon leakage
34. fugitive gas emissions
35. secondary energy
36. electronic waste by country
37. fossil fuel power station
38. fuel oil
39. environmental impact of reservoirs
40. energy law

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