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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase dietrich cabin.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. delphos, kansas
2. gatineau park
3. mooney's bay park
4. ottawa, kansas
5. central park
6. elgin
7. sallie house
8. my old kentucky home state park
9. dalkeith
10. natural falls state park
11. dakota
12. samuel osgood house
13. banff, alberta
14. log cabin
15. lake louise, alberta
16. osborne house
17. killarney provincial park
18. nottoway plantation
19. niagara falls state park
20. fort abraham lincoln
21. ferris provincial park
22. franklin county
23. carbondale
24. calaway park
25. carleton place
26. burlington
27. kanata
28. huntingdon
29. sugarhouse
30. minneapolis
31. serpent mounds park
32. balsam lake provincial park
33. big bone lick state park
34. aztalan state park
35. ottawa
36. montrose
37. park city, kansas
38. hocking hills state park
39. hickory run state park
40. mansfield

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