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We found 55 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word ap:
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Slang dictionaries Slang (1 matching dictionary)
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Quick definitions from Wiktionary (Ap)

noun:  (US, military) USPS military code of Armed Forces – Pacific.
noun:  (aviation) Initialism of Atlantic Pacific - (Global Indicator used for air fare calculations)
noun:  (US, education) Initialism of Advanced Placement.
noun:  (journalism) Initialism of Associated Press.
noun:  Abbreviation of Andhra Pradesh. [A state of India, where Telugu is the primary language.]
noun:  Abbreviation of Amapá. (a state of Brazil) [A state of the North Region, Brazil. Capital: Macapá]
noun:  (geography) Abbreviation of Arabian Plate. [A tectonic plate which roughly runs along the shores of the Arabian Peninsula towards the south, the Egyptian Sinai, Mandatory Palestine and Lebanon towards the west, the Levantine towards the north, and the Persian Gulf towards east.]
noun:  (computing) Initialism of access point. [(networking) A device, such as an Internet modem, that permits wireless devices to connect to a network.]
noun:  (video games) Initialism of action point. [(video games) A point that the player can "spend" on performing various in-game actions, such as spell-casting, which require various numbers of points.]
noun:  (military, US, Navy) Abbreviation of Auxiliary Provisions (a naval transport).
noun:  (organic chemistry) Initialism of acetylpyrroline. [(organic chemistry) The imine 1-(3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrrol-5-yl)ethan-1-one formed during baking by a Maillard reaction]
noun:  (grammar, sentence parsing) Initialism of adjective phrase; adverbial phrase. (Note: to disambiguate, one can use the abbreviations AdjP and AdvP instead.) [(grammar) A phrase that collectively modifies or describes a noun or pronoun and which can usually be used both attributively and predicatively, can be graded, and be modified by an adverb.]
noun:  (food) Abbreviation of all-purpose flour. [(US, cooking) Plain flour.]
noun:  (accounting) Initialism of accounts payable. [The total amount of money that is owed by a customer to its suppliers of goods and services and is counted by the customer as a current unpaid debt.]
noun:  (banking) Initialism of automatic payment.
noun:  (gambling) Initialism of advantage player.
noun:  (US, uncountable) Initialism of American plan (“hotel rate type”). [(travel) a hotel rate that includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner]
noun:  Initialism of authorized participant.
noun:  Initialism of affair partner.
noun:  Initialism of attachment parenting.
adjective:  Initialism of all-purpose. [for all purposes; general-purpose]
adjective:  (medicine) Initialism of anteroposterior. [(anatomy) Anterior to posterior; front-to-back.]
adjective:  (military) Initialism of anti-personnel. [(military) Referring to devices (typically weapons) intended to harm people in particular.]
adjective:  (military) Initialism of armor-piercing. [(military, American spelling, of a device [usually a munition]) Intended to pierce armor.]
adjective:  Initialism of alternately placed.
noun:  Abbreviation of April. [The fourth month of the Gregorian calendar, following March and preceding May. Abbreviation: Apr or Apr.]
adjective:  Abbreviation of apothecaries' system.

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