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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase a dark place.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. super dark times
2. the little stranger
3. once upon a time in london
4. secret obsession
5. the keeping hours
6. london fields
7. they remain
8. angel of mine
9. the corrupted
10. enter nowhere
11. rememory
12. our souls at night
13. last looks
14. barbarians
15. dragged across concrete
16. a lonely place to die
17. out of the furnace
18. the counselor
19. notes on a scandal
20. them that follow
21. beast
22. crooked house
23. the lighthouse
24. the sense of an ending
25. a kind of murder
26. a good woman is hard to find
27. swallow
28. hold the dark
29. an inspector calls
30. dead silence
31. killers anonymous
32. beneath us
33. the fare
34. among the shadows
35. the burnt orange heresy
36. the place beyond the pines
37. the killing of a sacred deer
38. enduring love
39. american woman
40. perfect sisters

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