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1. 1st & ten
2. 1st aacta awards
3. 1st aacta international awards
4. 1st academy awards
5. 1st aero squadron
6. 1st aeromedical evacuation squadron
7. 1st affiliated hospital
8. 1st africa movie academy awards
9. 1st aid
10. 1st air army
11. 1st air base group
12. 1st air cavalry brigade
13. 1st air command
14. 1st air commando group
15. 1st air corps
16. 1st air defense artillery regiment
17. 1st air defense brigade
18. 1st air division
19. 1st air fleet
20. 1st air force wing reserve
21. 1st air reconnaissance regiment
22. 1st air rescue squadron
23. 1st air squadron
24. 1st air support operations group
25. 1st air support operations squadron
26. 1st airborne brigade
27. 1st airborne command control squadron
28. 1st airborne corps
29. 1st airborne division
30. 1st airborne shock infantry regiment
31. 1st airborne task force
32. 1st aircraft carrier squadron
33. 1st airlanding brigade
34. 1st airlanding light regiment
35. 1st airlift squadron
36. 1st airmobile
37. 1st airmobile brigade
38. 1st alabama cavalry regiment
39. 1st alaska state legislature
40. 1st album
41. 1st allied airborne army
42. 1st alpine division taurinense
43. 1st alpini regiment
44. 1st amendment
45. 1st american volunteer group
46. 1st amphibian tractor battalion
47. 1st anniversary
48. 1st annual grammy awards
49. 1st annual latin grammy awards
50. 1st annual maya awards
51. 1st annual nfl honors
52. 1st anti aircraft division
53. 1st anti aircraft group
54. 1st antisubmarine squadron
55. 1st anzac entrenching battalion
56. 1st arabian gulf cup
57. 1st argyll and bute artillery volunteers
58. 1st arizona territorial legislature
59. 1st arizona volunteer infantry
60. 1st arkansas cavalry regiment
61. 1st arkansas infantry
62. 1st arkansas infantry regiment
63. 1st armor division
64. 1st armored brigade
65. 1st armored division
66. 1st armored division artillery
67. 1st armored regiment
68. 1st armoured brigade
69. 1st armoured car regiment
70. 1st armoured car squadron
71. 1st armoured corps
72. 1st armoured division
73. 1st armoured medical regiment
74. 1st armoured regiment
75. 1st army
76. 1st army aviation brigade
77. 1st army corps
78. 1st army division
79. 1st army group
80. 1st army group royal artillery
81. 1st army tank battalion
82. 1st army tank brigade
83. 1st arrondissement
84. 1st arrondissement of lyon
85. 1st arrondissement of marseille
86. 1st arrondissement of paris
87. 1st art
88. 1st artillery brigade
89. 1st artillery division
90. 1st artillery regiment
91. 1st ary film awards
92. 1st asia pacific screen awards
93. 1st asian film awards
94. 1st assault brigade royal engineers
95. 1st asturian division
96. 1st australian civil affairs unit
97. 1st australian support compound
98. 1st australian task force
99. 1st australian tunnelling company
100. 1st australian wireless signal squadron

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