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1. accer
2. action soccer
3. actua soccer
4. adelphi panthers men's soccer
5. adelphi panthers mens soccer
6. adidas power soccer
7. akron zips men's soccer
8. akron zips mens soccer
9. alabama crimson tide women's soccer
10. alabama crimson tide womens soccer
11. alexi lalas international soccer
12. american eagles men's soccer
13. american eagles mens soccer
14. american soccer
15. association soccer
16. australia soccer
17. australian rules soccer
18. baccer
19. back street soccer
20. backyard soccer
21. bccer
22. beach soccer
23. bengal premier league soccer
24. bigsoccer
25. blind soccer
26. boise state broncos women's soccer
27. boise state broncos womens soccer
28. boston college eagles men's soccer
29. boston college eagles mens soccer
30. bowling green falcons men's soccer
31. bowling green falcons mens soccer
32. bradley braves men's soccer
33. bradley braves mens soccer
34. british soccer
35. brown bears men's soccer
36. brown bears mens soccer
37. byu cougars men's soccer
38. byu cougars mens soccer
39. byu cougars women's soccer
40. byu cougars womens soccer
41. caccer
42. cacsuccer
43. cal poly mustangs men's soccer
44. cal poly mustangs mens soccer
45. california golden bears men's soccer
46. california golden bears mens soccer
47. canada soccer
48. ccer
49. central arkansas bears soccer
50. champions world class soccer
51. chicago maroons men's soccer
52. chicago maroons mens soccer
53. chicago state cougars men's soccer
54. chicago state cougars mens soccer
55. chicago state cougars soccer
56. cincinnati bearcats men's soccer
57. cincinnati bearcats mens soccer
58. clemson tigers men's soccer
59. clemson tigers mens soccer
60. clemson tigers women's soccer
61. clemson tigers womens soccer
62. college soccer
63. colorado college tigers women's soccer
64. colorado college tigers womens soccer
65. columbia lions men's soccer
66. columbia lions mens soccer
67. combination pro soccer
68. complete onside soccer
69. connecticut huskies women's soccer
70. connecticut huskies womens soccer
71. copa libertadores de beach soccer
72. crab soccer
73. creighton bluejays men's soccer
74. creighton bluejays mens soccer
75. dartmouth big green men's soccer
76. dartmouth big green mens soccer
77. david beckham soccer
78. dayton flyers men's soccer
79. dayton flyers mens soccer
80. delaware fightin' blue hens men's soccer
81. delaware fightin blue hens mens soccer
82. denver pioneers men's soccer
83. denver pioneers mens soccer
84. depaul blue demons men's soccer
85. depaul blue demons mens soccer
86. detroit mercy titans men's soccer
87. detroit mercy titans mens soccer
88. dice soccer
89. dino dini's soccer
90. dino dinis soccer
91. disney sports soccer
92. dixie state trailblazers women's soccer
93. dixie state trailblazers womens soccer
94. drake bulldogs men's soccer
95. drake bulldogs mens soccer
96. dream league soccer
97. drexel dragons men's soccer
98. drexel dragons mens soccer
99. duke blue devils men's soccer
100. duke blue devils mens soccer

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