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1. aldabra island xeric scrub
2. araya and paria xeric scrub
3. carnarvon xeric shrublands
4. central ranges xeric scrub
5. deserts and xeric shrublands
6. east saharan montane xeric woodlands
7. galápagos islands xeric scrub
8. guajira-barranquilla xeric scrub
9. guajira barranquilla xeric scrub
10. gulf of california xeric scrub
11. list of xeric grant winners
12. nullarbor plain xeric shrublands
13. san lucan xeric scrub
14. west saharan montane xeric woodlands
15. xeric
16. xeric award
17. xeric foundation
18. xeric regimes
19. xeric scrub
20. xeric shrubland
21. xeric shrublands
22. xeric shrubs


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