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1. angel wore red
2. bride wore black
3. bride wore boots
4. bride wore crutches
5. bride wore red
6. computer wore menace shoes
7. computer wore tennis shoes
8. duke wore jeans
9. gambler wore a gun
10. groom wore spurs
11. lieutenant wore skirts
12. mother wore tights
13. night that courage wore orange
14. president wore pearls
15. she wore a yellow ribbon
16. stranger wore a gun
17. the angel wore red
18. the bride wore black
19. the bride wore boots
20. the bride wore crutches
21. the bride wore red
22. the computer wore menace shoes
23. the computer wore tennis shoes
24. the duke wore jeans
25. the gambler wore a gun
26. the groom wore spurs
27. the lieutenant wore skirts
28. the night that courage wore orange
29. the president wore pearls
30. the stranger wore a gun
31. why i wore lipstick to my mastectomy
32. wore
33. wore-out
34. wore away
35. wore down
36. wore heart on sleeve
37. wore off
38. wore on
39. wore out
40. wore rose-colored glasses
41. wore rose colored glasses
42. wore round
43. wore sb down
44. wore sb out
45. wore ship
46. wore sth away
47. wore sth out
48. wore the pants
49. wore the trousers
50. wore thin
51. wore through
52. wore to a frazzle
53. wore too many hats
54. wore upon


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