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1. ...and i know you wanna dance
2. all i wanna do
3. all i wanna do is dance
4. all i wanna do is make love to you
5. all you really wanna do
6. and i know you wanna dance
7. anybody wanna buy a heart
8. as clean as they wanna be
9. as nasty as they wanna be
10. as ugly as they wanna be
11. baby do you wanna bump
12. baby you don't wanna know
13. baby you dont wanna know
14. bad as i wanna b
15. bad as i wanna be
16. bet you wanna
17. boys wanna be her
18. d'yer wanna be a spaceman
19. didn't wanna do it
20. didnt wanna do it
21. do anything you wanna do
22. do i make you wanna
23. do i wanna know
24. do it any way you wanna
25. do u wanna roll
26. do what you wanna do
27. do ya wanna funk
28. do ya wanna get funky with me
29. do you wanna
30. do you wanna be my baby
31. do you wanna come over
32. do you wanna dance
33. do you wanna get away
34. do you wanna get funky
35. do you wanna get high
36. do you wanna go party
37. do you wanna go to heaven
38. do you wanna know a secret
39. do you wanna make love
40. do you wanna ride
41. do you wanna start a war
42. do you wanna touch me
43. don't cha wanna ride
44. don't wanna be a player
45. don't wanna be the one
46. don't wanna change the world
47. don't wanna do this
48. don't wanna fall in love
49. don't wanna fight
50. don't wanna go home
51. don't wanna know
52. don't wanna let you go
53. don't wanna lie
54. don't wanna lose this feeling
55. don't wanna lose you
56. don't wanna run no more
57. don't wanna think about you
58. don't wanna try
59. don't you wanna feel
60. don't you wanna stay
61. dont cha wanna ride
62. dont wanna be a player
63. dont wanna be the one
64. dont wanna change the world
65. dont wanna do this
66. dont wanna fall in love
67. dont wanna fight
68. dont wanna go home
69. dont wanna know
70. dont wanna let you go
71. dont wanna lie
72. dont wanna lose this feeling
73. dont wanna lose you
74. dont wanna run no more
75. dont wanna think about you
76. dont wanna try
77. dont you wanna feel
78. dont you wanna stay
79. dyer wanna be a spaceman
80. funky as i wanna be
81. g.i. wanna home
82. gi wanna home
83. girls just wanna have fun
84. go where you wanna go
85. gonna wanna tonight
86. i always wanna die
87. i don't wanna be
88. i don't wanna be a soldier mama
89. i don't wanna be a star
90. i don't wanna be lonely
91. i don't wanna be me
92. i don't wanna cry
93. i don't wanna cry no more
94. i don't wanna dance
95. i don't wanna die
96. i don't wanna fall in love
97. i don't wanna fight
98. i don't wanna get drafted
99. i don't wanna get hurt
100. i don't wanna go

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