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1. a dingo took my baby
2. barry took
3. fun machine took a shit & died
4. gal who took the west
5. he took her to a movie
6. hood took me under
7. how spriggins took lodgers
8. i let it in and it took everything
9. i took a pill in ibiza
10. i took an arrow in the knee
11. i took the liberty of doing something
12. i took up the runes
13. it took nixon to go to china
14. kicked ass and took names
15. kkk took my baby away
16. lizzie borden took an ax
17. nazis took athens
18. night they took miss beautiful
19. peregrin took
20. pigeon that took rome
21. pippin took
22. roger took
23. sharks took the rest
24. steve peregrin took
25. that's all it took
26. thats all it took
27. the fun machine took a shit & died
28. the gal who took the west
29. the kkk took my baby away
30. the night they took miss beautiful
31. the pigeon that took rome
32. they took our jobs
33. they took the stars out of heaven
34. took
35. took a back seat
36. took a bath
37. took a battering
38. took a bite out
39. took a bow
40. took a break
41. took a breath
42. took a breather
43. took a butcher's
44. took a butchers
45. took a chance
46. took a chance on
47. took a crap
48. took a dare
49. took a dim view
50. took a dive
51. took a fancy
52. took a firm stand
53. took a flutter
54. took a flyer
55. took a hammering
56. took a hand
57. took a heavy toll
58. took a hike
59. took a hint
60. took a hit
61. took a hop
62. took a joke
63. took a leaf out of book
64. took a leaf out of someone's book
65. took a leaf out of someones book
66. took a leak
67. took a load off feet
68. took a load off mind
69. took a look
70. took a lot
71. took a page out of someone's book
72. took a page out of someone's playbook
73. took a page out of someones book
74. took a page out of someones playbook
75. took a parting shot
76. took a pew
77. took a picture
78. took a poke at
79. took a poor view
80. took a pop at
81. took a powder
82. took a punt at
83. took a rain check
84. took a rise out
85. took a seat
86. took a shine
87. took a side
88. took a sledgehammer to crack a nut
89. took a toss
90. took a trip down memory lane
91. took a walk
92. took a walk down memory lane
93. took a wicket
94. took a woman to wife
95. took a wrong turn at albuquerque
96. took aback
97. took about
98. took account
99. took account of
100. took action

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