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1. alternating-time temporal logic
2. alternating time temporal logic
3. anterior deep temporal artery
4. anterior temporal
5. anterior temporal artery
6. anterior temporal diploic vein
7. anterior temporal lobectomy
8. apex of petrous part of temporal bone
9. arteritis - temporal
10. arteritis temporal
11. articular eminence of temporal bone
12. articular fossa of temporal bone
13. articular surface of temporal bone
14. articular tubercle of temporal bone
15. bone temporal
16. cadena temporal
17. connectionist temporal classification
18. crest of petrous part of temporal bone
19. deep temporal arteries
20. deep temporal artery
21. deep temporal nerve
22. deep temporal nerves
23. deep temporal space
24. deep temporal vein
25. deep temporal veins
26. diploic vein anterior temporal
27. diploic vein posterior temporal
28. distributive-temporal case
29. distributive temporal case
30. epilepsy temporal lobe
31. epiotic center of temporal bone
32. first temporal convolution
33. frontal-temporal dementia
34. frontal temporal dementia
35. groove for middle temporal artery
36. guild of temporal adventurers
37. hierarchical temporal memory
38. horton's temporal arteritis
39. hortons temporal arteritis
40. inferior temporal
41. inferior temporal arteriole of retina
42. inferior temporal convolution
43. inferior temporal cortex
44. inferior temporal gyrus
45. inferior temporal line
46. inferior temporal sulcus
47. inferior temporal venule of retina
48. intermediate temporal artery
49. jugular notch of temporal bone
50. juvenile temporal arteritis
51. language of temporal ordering specification
52. lateral temporal lobe epilepsy
53. linear temporal logic
54. lord temporal
55. lords spiritual and temporal
56. lords spiritual and temporal and commons
57. lords temporal
58. magnetic temporal variation
59. margem de lucro temporal
60. mastoid part of temporal bone
61. mastoid part of the temporal bone
62. mastoid portion of the temporal bone
63. mastoid process of the temporal bone
64. medial superior temporal area
65. medial temporal
66. medial temporal lobe
67. medial temporal lobe epilepsy
68. mesial temporal sclerosis
69. metric interval temporal logic
70. metric temporal logic
71. middle temporal area
72. middle temporal artery
73. middle temporal convolution
74. middle temporal gyrus
75. middle temporal sulcus
76. middle temporal vein
77. non-temporal
78. non temporal
79. occipital border of temporal bone
80. opisthotic center of temporal bone
81. orientation temporal
82. parietal-temporal-occipital
83. parietal border of temporal bone
84. parietal temporal occipital
85. petromastoid part of temporal bone
86. petrous part of temporal bone
87. petrous part of the temporal bone
88. petrous portion of the temporal bone
89. petrous temporal bone
90. polar temporal artery
91. post-temporal
92. post temporal
93. posterior deep temporal artery
94. posterior temporal artery
95. posterior temporal diploic vein
96. prisca temporal
97. propositional linear temporal logic
98. propositional temporal logic
99. pro÷tic center of temporal bone
100. pterotic center of temporal bone

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