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1. a swear word
2. hope wish swear to god
3. i hope swear wish etc to god
4. i solemnly swear
5. i swear
6. love and some swear words
7. not swear to it
8. pinky swear
9. swear
10. swear an affidavit
11. swear an oath
12. swear at
13. swear back of a reference
14. swear black is white
15. swear blind
16. swear by
17. swear by sth
18. swear falsely
19. swear filter
20. swear for
21. swear in
22. swear it again
23. swear it was a dream
24. swear jar
25. swear like a trooper
26. swear off
27. swear off sth
28. swear on
29. swear on a stack of bibles
30. swear on mother's grave
31. swear on mothers grave
32. swear on one's mother's grave
33. swear on ones mothers grave
34. swear on the bible
35. swear out
36. swear out against
37. swear over
38. swear sb in
39. swear someone in
40. swear someone to secrecy/silence
41. swear someone to secrecy silence
42. swear something out
43. swear the truth
44. swear to
45. swear to buddha
46. swear to god
47. swear to secrecy
48. swear to tell the truth
49. swear under oath
50. swear up and black and blue
51. swear up and down
52. swear up and down and blue
53. swear word
54. swear words
55. ten in the swear jar
56. the swear
57. this i swear
58. to swear
59. to swear by
60. to swear off
61. to swear the peace against one
62. you would swear


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