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1. and suddenly the dawn
2. appear suddenly
3. apt to change suddenly
4. arrive suddenly
5. attack suddenly and without warning
6. break suddenly
7. come open suddenly
8. depart suddenly
9. die suddenly
10. fall suddenly
11. men suddenly in black
12. men suddenly in love
13. move suddenly
14. pause suddenly
15. someday came suddenly
16. start suddenly
17. suddenly
18. suddenly at midnight
19. suddenly human
20. suddenly i see
21. suddenly in the depth of the forest
22. suddenly it's magic
23. suddenly it's spring
24. suddenly its magic
25. suddenly its spring
26. suddenly last summer
27. suddenly mary
28. suddenly naked
29. suddenly seventeen
30. suddenly single
31. suddenly strange
32. suddenly susan
33. suddenly the fat hit the fire
34. suddenly there's a valley
35. suddenly theres a valley
36. suddenly yours


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