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1. desi rascals
2. fat rascals
3. hal roach's rascals
4. hal roachs rascals
5. little rascals
6. little rascals christmas special
7. little rascals day care center
8. little rascals save the day
9. little rascals the
10. loot rascals
11. mermaids and rascals
12. peach tree rascals
13. petey little rascals dog
14. rascals
15. rascals discography
16. rascals in paradise
17. river city rascals
18. river rascals
19. robot rascals
20. the little rascals
21. the little rascals christmas special
22. the little rascals save the day
23. the rascals
24. the rascals discography
25. the very best of the rascals
26. the young rascals
27. those scurvy rascals
28. very best of the rascals
29. young rascals


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