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1. american brass quintet
2. annapolis brass quintet
3. art blakey quintet
4. art farmer quintet featuring gigi gryce
5. atlantic brass quintet
6. avignon quintet
7. barbershop quintet
8. bergen wind quintet
9. boccherini quintet
10. boppin' with the chet baker quintet
11. boppin with the chet baker quintet
12. brahms piano quintet
13. brass quintet
14. brass quintet repertoire
15. british blues quintet
16. c.a. quintet
17. ca quintet
18. cambridge quintet
19. cannonball adderley quintet in chicago
20. cannonball adderley quintet plus
21. charles mingus quintet & max roach
22. chicago brass quintet
23. chico hamilton quintet
24. chico hamilton quintet in hi fi
25. clarinet quintet
26. claudia quintet
27. cleric quintet
28. comin' on with the chet baker quintet
29. comin on with the chet baker quintet
30. cookin' with the miles davis quintet
31. cookin with the miles davis quintet
32. cool burnin' with the chet baker quintet
33. cool burnin with the chet baker quintet
34. danzi quintet
35. david grisman quintet
36. dizzy gillespie meets phil woods quintet
37. dorian wind quintet
38. duke jordan trio and quintet
39. fugata quintet
40. gigi gryce and the jazz lab quintet
41. groovin' with the chet baker quintet
42. groovin with the chet baker quintet
43. hank mobley quintet
44. herbie mann-sam most quintet
45. herbie mann sam most quintet
46. honda quintet
47. interpretations by the stan getz quintet
48. james cleaver quintet
49. joe henderson quintet at the lighthouse
50. john jorgenson quintet
51. kenny dorham quintet
52. kinnaris quintet
53. lee konitz quintet
54. legendary prestige quintet sessions
55. lionel hampton quintet
56. listen to the ahmad jamal quintet
57. lutosair quintet
58. manhattan jazz quintet
59. mars audiac quintet
60. masada quintet
61. miles davis quintet
62. miles davis quintet at peacock alley
63. mixed quintet
64. my favorite quintet
65. new york woodwind quintet
66. omega quintet
67. original chico hamilton quintet
68. paul chambers quintet
69. pepper-knepper quintet
70. pepper adams quintet
71. pepper knepper quintet
72. piano quintet
73. piano quintet no 1
74. piano quintet suite
75. piccolo quintet
76. quartet-quintet
77. quartet quintet
78. quintet
79. quintet bass
80. quintet for piano and winds
81. quintet for strings
82. quintet of the hot club of france
83. quintet or quintain
84. quintet private bank
85. relaxin' with the miles davis quintet
86. relaxin with the miles davis quintet
87. rondino for piano quintet
88. rotary wind quintet
89. screamin' with the deadguy quintet
90. screamin with the deadguy quintet
91. second great quintet
92. sir douglas quintet
93. smokin' with the chet baker quintet
94. smokin with the chet baker quintet
95. songs for quintet
96. soni ventorum wind quintet
97. steamin' with the miles davis quintet
98. steamin with the miles davis quintet
99. stephan's quintet
100. stephans quintet

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