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1. able to be subtracted for tax purposes
2. and purposes
3. at cross-purposes
4. at cross purposes
5. atomic energy for military purposes
6. be at cross-purposes
7. be at cross purposes
8. bond for general purposes
9. bonds for general purposes
10. by-purposes
11. by purposes
12. charitable purposes
13. clinical laboratory test purposes
14. commercial purposes used for
15. common purposes
16. cross-purposes
17. cross purposes
18. cross purposes live
19. domestic purposes benefit
20. english for academic purposes
21. english for special purposes
22. english for specific purposes
23. english for specific purposes world
24. examine for diagnostic purposes
25. for all intensive purposes
26. for all intents and purposes
27. for all intrinsic purposes
28. for all practical purposes
29. for entertainment purposes only
30. for practical purposes
31. for screening purposes only
32. for testing purposes only
33. hours purposes
34. intents and purposes
35. language for specific purposes
36. medicinal purposes
37. non-motivated purposes of art
38. non motivated purposes of art
39. permissible purposes
40. purposes
41. purposes in life
42. resident for tax purposes
43. run at cross-purposes
44. run at cross purposes
45. scar for ritual purposes
46. to/for all intents and purposes
47. to all intents and purposes
48. to be at cross-purposes
49. to be at cross purposes
50. to for all intents and purposes
51. used for commercial purposes
52. value for customs purposes only
53. work at cross-purposes
54. work at cross purposes
55. yoga for therapeutic purposes


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