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1. 'neath the puke tree
2. freak puke
3. island of living puke
4. it makes me puke
5. make someone puke
6. make someone want to puke
7. mont puke
8. neath the puke tree
9. party til you puke
10. poop puke
11. pretty in puke
12. puke
13. puke ariki
14. puke her guts out
15. puke his guts out
16. puke my guts out
17. puke one's guts out
18. puke one's ring
19. puke ones guts out
20. puke ones ring
21. puke their guts out
22. puke up
23. puke weed
24. puke your guts out
25. son of puke
26. stack puke
27. te puke
28. te puke high school


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