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1. 9 mobile prize for literature
2. a. a. griffith medal and prize
3. a a griffith medal and prize
4. a prize of arms
5. a prize of gold
6. a prize package
7. aaas thousand dollar prize
8. abbot payson usher prize
9. abel prize
10. abraham pais prize
11. aby warburg prize
12. acm prize in computing
13. acquisition prize
14. actonian prize
15. ada cambridge prize
16. adam smith prize
17. adams prize
18. adelbert von chamisso prize
19. adenauer-de gaulle prize
20. adenauer de gaulle prize
21. aelita prize
22. aga khan prize for fiction
23. agnes lynch starrett poetry prize
24. ahmadiyya muslim peace prize
25. aisenstadt prize
26. akutagawa prize
27. alba bouwer prize
28. albany medical center prize
29. albert einstein peace prize
30. albert leon whiteman memorial prize
31. alexander von humboldt prize
32. alfaguara prize
33. alfonso reyes international prize
34. alfred bauer prize
35. alfred noble prize
36. alfred p. sloan jr. prize
37. alfred p. sloan prize
38. alfred p sloan jr prize
39. alfred p sloan prize
40. alfred radok prize
41. alfred stock memorial prize
42. alice hunt bartlett prize
43. allard prize for international integrity
44. alternative nobel prize
45. america's space prize
46. american grand prize
47. american history book prize
48. american prize
49. americas space prize
50. amusement with prize
51. andrea m. bronfman prize for the arts
52. andrea m bronfman prize for the arts
53. andreas gryphius prize
54. andrei bely prize
55. andrei sakharov prize
56. andres montoya poetry prize
57. aneesur rahman prize
58. anna seghers prize
59. anne bennett prize
60. anne frank prize
61. anne vondeling prize
62. ansari x-prize
63. ansari x prize
64. anti-booker prize
65. anti booker prize
66. anton wildgans prize
67. antonio feltrinelli prize
68. appleton medal and prize
69. archibald prize
70. architectural league prize
71. archon x prize
72. arctic inspiration prize
73. aristeion prize
74. aronson prize
75. arsdigita prize
76. art fund prize
77. art prize
78. arte laguna prize
79. arthur l. day prize and lectureship
80. arthur l. schawlow prize
81. arthur l day prize and lectureship
82. arthur l schawlow prize
83. arthur rense prize
84. artois-baillet latour health prize
85. artois baillet latour health prize
86. asahi prize
87. aschehoug prize
88. astrid lindgren prize
89. athalie richardson irvine clarke prize
90. atlantis music prize
91. august macke prize
92. august prize
93. aurora prize
94. aurora prize for awakening humanity
95. australian film institute jury prize
96. australian music prize
97. australian photographic portrait prize
98. australian student prize
99. austrian state prize
100. austrian state prize for architecture

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