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1. a good girl keeps herself in good order
2. a hedge between keeps friendship green
3. a man is known by the company he keeps
4. an apple a day keeps the doctor away
5. body keeps the score
6. catastrophe keeps us together
7. company sb keeps
8. company she keeps
9. company someone keeps
10. donjon keeps
11. fauja singh keeps going
12. fear is what keeps us here
13. for keeps
14. gift that keeps giving
15. gift that keeps on giving
16. it keeps rainin
17. it keeps right on a-hurtin
18. it keeps right on a hurtin
19. it keeps you runnin
20. jerry lee keeps rockin
21. keeps
22. keeps a check on
23. keeps a civil tongue in head
24. keeps a clean sheet
25. keeps a dog and barks oneself
26. keeps a few tricks up his sleeve
27. keeps a house
28. keeps a lid on
29. keeps a lookout for
30. keeps a tab on
31. keeps a tight rein on
32. keeps a weather eye on
33. keeps a whole skin
34. keeps abreast
35. keeps across
36. keeps after
37. keeps ahead
38. keeps an account
39. keeps an ear to the ground
40. keeps an eye on
41. keeps an eye open
42. keeps an eye out
43. keeps apart
44. keeps around
45. keeps at
46. keeps at a distance
47. keeps at arm's length
48. keeps at arms length
49. keeps at bay
50. keeps away
51. keeps back
52. keeps bad time
53. keeps bed
54. keeps body and soul together
55. keeps both feet on the ground
56. keeps cards close to chest
57. keeps cards close to vest
58. keeps cave
59. keeps chin up
60. keeps clear
61. keeps clear of
62. keeps company
63. keeps cool
64. keeps count
65. keeps countenance
66. keeps dangling
67. keeps dark
68. keeps distance
69. keeps down
70. keeps end up
71. keeps eye
72. keeps eye on
73. keeps eye on the ball
74. keeps eyes open
75. keeps eyes peeled
76. keeps eyes skinned
77. keeps faith
78. keeps feet
79. keeps feet firmly planted on the ground
80. keeps feet on the ground
81. keeps figure
82. keeps finger on the pulse
83. keeps fingers crossed
84. keeps from
85. keeps from doing sth
86. keeps gettin' better
87. keeps gettin better
88. keeps goal
89. keeps going
90. keeps good time
91. keeps guard
92. keeps guessing
93. keeps hand
94. keeps hands clean
95. keeps head
96. keeps head above water
97. keeps head down
98. keeps her attention
99. keeps her composure
100. keeps her cool

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