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1. air hole flaw
2. character flaw
3. coating flaw
4. composition flaw
5. design flaw
6. diamond flaw
7. die flaw
8. faber flaw
9. fatal flaw
10. fiery flaw
11. flaw
12. flaw detection
13. flaw in reasoning
14. flaw in the argument
15. flaw lead
16. gum flaw
17. impressed printing flaw
18. intermediate flaw
19. kaminsky flaw
20. kill the flaw
21. magnetic flaw detector
22. perfect flaw
23. planchet flaw
24. plate flaw
25. printing flaw
26. sonic flaw detection
27. system flaw
28. system flaw recruit
29. the perfect flaw
30. tragic flaw
31. ultrasonic flaw detector


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