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1. alien sex fiend
2. alien sex fiend discography
3. coke fiend
4. death fiend
5. diary of a drug fiend
6. dope fiend
7. dream of the rarebit fiend
8. drug-fiend
9. drug fiend
10. fallible fiend
11. fiend
12. fiend bray wyatt
13. fiend club
14. fiend club lounge
15. fiend discography
16. fiend folio
17. fiend for blood
18. fiend of dope island
19. fiend who walked the west
20. fiend with the electronic brain
21. fiend with twenty faces
22. fiend without a face
23. fresh-air fiend
24. fresh air fiend
25. funeral for a fiend
26. like a fiend
27. lubbard fiend
28. lubber fiend
29. magnificent fiend
30. microphone fiend
31. my best fiend
32. pit fiend
33. power of the fiend
34. sex fiend
35. the fallible fiend
36. the fiend
37. the fiend bray wyatt
38. the fiend who walked the west
39. the fiend with the electronic brain
40. the fiend with twenty faces
41. the power of the fiend


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