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1. all correct
2. all present and correct
3. anatomically correct
4. anatomically correct doll
5. anatomically correct dolls
6. come correct
7. confirm as correct
8. conservatively correct
9. correct
10. correct answer
11. correct behavior
12. correct boltzmann counting
13. correct care solutions
14. correct century
15. correct craft
16. correct english
17. correct handwashing technique
18. correct hold
19. correct me if i'm wrong
20. correct me if i'm wrong but
21. correct me if im wrong
22. correct me if im wrong but
23. correct me if i’m wrong
24. correct name
25. correct pattern
26. correct term is baastrup's sign
27. correct term is baastrups sign
28. correct the record
29. correct use of soap
30. correct valuation
31. correct way to kill
32. directionally correct
33. environmentally correct
34. get ya mind correct
35. grounding: correct proper best
36. hyper-correct
37. hyper correct
38. mathematically correct
39. national correct coding initiative
40. over-correct
41. over correct
42. patriotically correct
43. perspective correct texture mapping
44. political correct
45. politically correct
46. politically correct-a microglossary
47. politically correct a microglossary
48. politically correct ad absurdum
49. politically correct bedtime stories
50. probably approximately correct
51. probably approximately correct learning
52. provably correct
53. self-correct
54. self correct
55. the correct term is baastrup's sign
56. the correct term is baastrups sign
57. the correct use of soap
58. the correct way to kill


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