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1. all-union commissariat
2. all union commissariat
3. commissariat
4. commissariat-general for jewish affairs
5. commissariat and transport department
6. commissariat buildings
7. commissariat general for jewish affairs
8. commissariat of public health
9. commissariat of the holy land
10. general war commissariat
11. haut commissariat au plan
12. military commissariat
13. people's commissariat
14. people's commissariat for agriculture
15. people's commissariat for armament
16. people's commissariat for communications
17. people's commissariat for defence
18. people's commissariat for education
19. people's commissariat for finance
20. people's commissariat for food
21. people's commissariat for health
22. people's commissariat for justice
23. people's commissariat for labor
24. people's commissariat for labour
25. people's commissariat for nationalities
26. people's commissariat for railways
27. people's commissariat for state security
28. people's commissariat for tank industry
29. people's commissariat for tanks industry
30. people's commissariat of agriculture
31. people's commissariat of ammunition
32. people's commissariat of arms
33. people's commissariat of defense
34. people's commissariat of finance
35. people's commissariat of fish industry
36. people's commissariat of food industry
37. people's commissariat of foreign affairs
38. people's commissariat of foreign trade
39. people's commissariat of health
40. people's commissariat of heavy industry
41. people's commissariat of interior
42. people's commissariat of justice
43. people's commissariat of labor
44. people's commissariat of labour
45. people's commissariat of mortar armament
46. people's commissariat of munitions
47. people's commissariat of nationalities
48. people's commissariat of railways
49. people's commissariat of sea fleet
50. people's commissariat of state control
51. people's commissariat of supplies
52. people's commissariat of water transport
53. peoples commissariat
54. peoples commissariat for agriculture
55. peoples commissariat for armament
56. peoples commissariat for communications
57. peoples commissariat for defence
58. peoples commissariat for education
59. peoples commissariat for finance
60. peoples commissariat for food
61. peoples commissariat for health
62. peoples commissariat for justice
63. peoples commissariat for labor
64. peoples commissariat for labour
65. peoples commissariat for nationalities
66. peoples commissariat for railways
67. peoples commissariat for state security
68. peoples commissariat for tank industry
69. peoples commissariat for tanks industry
70. peoples commissariat of agriculture
71. peoples commissariat of ammunition
72. peoples commissariat of arms
73. peoples commissariat of defense
74. peoples commissariat of finance
75. peoples commissariat of fish industry
76. peoples commissariat of food industry
77. peoples commissariat of foreign affairs
78. peoples commissariat of foreign trade
79. peoples commissariat of health
80. peoples commissariat of heavy industry
81. peoples commissariat of interior
82. peoples commissariat of justice
83. peoples commissariat of labor
84. peoples commissariat of labour
85. peoples commissariat of mortar armament
86. peoples commissariat of munitions
87. peoples commissariat of nationalities
88. peoples commissariat of railways
89. peoples commissariat of sea fleet
90. peoples commissariat of state control
91. peoples commissariat of supplies
92. peoples commissariat of water transport
93. reich commissariat
94. transcaucasian commissariat


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