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201. avignon-centre station
202. avignon centre station
203. aviva centre
204. b.c. women's hospital & health centre
205. b k birla centre for education
206. babakin space centre
207. back to the centre
208. bad nenndorf interrogation centre
209. bahen centre for information technology
210. bahrain world trade centre
211. baku aquatics centre
212. baltic centre for contemporary art
213. bamfield marine sciences centre
214. banants training centre
215. banff centre
216. banff centre for arts and creativity
217. bangabandhu aeronautical centre
218. bangkok art and culture centre
219. bangladesh infantry regimental centre
220. bangladesh trade union centre
221. bank of china centre
222. banksia hill juvenile detention centre
223. bankstown central shopping centre
224. barbican arts centre
225. barbican centre
226. bariloche atomic centre
227. barking learning centre
228. barrhaven centre station
229. barry centre
230. basic military training centre
231. basildon town centre
232. batalanda detention centre
233. bathurst correctional centre
234. bathurst jewish community centre
235. battersea arts centre
236. bauhinia foundation research centre
237. baxter theatre centre
238. bay adelaide centre
239. bay centre
240. bayfair shopping centre
241. bayshore shopping centre
242. bayside shopping centre
243. bayview village shopping centre
244. bbc elstree centre
245. bbc media centre
246. bbc television centre
247. bc cancer research centre
248. bc forest discovery centre
249. bc women's hospital & health centre
250. bc womens hospital & health centre
251. be at the centre of something
252. be at the centre of sth
253. be centre stage
254. beach sand minerals exploitation centre
255. beatson west of scotland cancer centre
256. beaubourg centre
257. beechworth correctional centre
258. beijing national aquatics centre
259. beijing yintai centre
260. belconnen soccer centre
261. belconnen town centre
262. belfast city centre
263. belgian health care knowledge centre
264. belgrade centre railway station
265. bell centre
266. belltable arts centre
267. bendat basketball centre
268. bentall centre
269. bents garden centre
270. berlin research centre on anti-semitism
271. berlin research centre on anti semitism
272. bernburg euthanasia centre
273. bernie grant arts centre
274. berrima correctional centre
275. bert williams leisure centre
276. beth shalom holocaust centre
277. bethesda regional health centre
278. bewdley school and sixth form centre
279. bhabha atomic research centre
280. bhutan centre for media and democracy
281. bijvoet centre for biomolecular research
282. bilbao exhibition centre
283. bill copeland sports centre
284. bill douglas centre
285. billings bridge shopping centre
286. biological records centre
287. biomass energy centre
288. biomedical primate research centre
289. birkenhead point factory outlet centre
290. birkenhead point outlet centre
291. birmingham city centre
292. birth centre
293. birthing centre
294. bisesero genocide memorial centre
295. black cultural centre for nova scotia
296. blackdown cadet training centre
297. blackfriars theatre and arts centre
298. bladnoch distillery and visitor centre
299. blanchardstown centre
300. bletchley leisure centre

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