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1. Baronet
2. baronet of nova scotia
3. brian baronet
4. cunard sir samuel 1st baronet
5. grey sir edward 3rd baronet
6. hoare sir samuel 2nd baronet
7. johnson sir william 1st baronet
8. knight baronet
9. mosley sir oswald 6th baronet
10. parnell baronet
11. peel sir robert 2nd baronet
12. pollock sir frederick 3rd baronet
13. premier baronet
14. scott sir walter 1st baronet
15. sir carl meyer 1st baronet
16. sir george trevelyan 2nd baronet
17. sir samuel cunard 1st baronet
18. sir thomas johnstone lipton 1st baronet
19. sir william hamilton 9th baronet
20. sir william temple 1st baronet


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