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1. 'get back
2. ...and now back to our programming
3. 3/4 back
4. 3 4 back
5. 3 ninjas kick back
6. a-pigga-back
7. a back-handed compliment
8. a back handed compliment
9. a bad penny always comes back
10. a knock back
11. a lot of bull and a pat on the back
12. a monkey on back
13. a monkey on one's back
14. a monkey on ones back
15. a monkey on someone's back
16. a monkey on someones back
17. a monkey on your back
18. a pat on the back
19. a pigga back
20. a rod for your own back
21. a slap on the back
22. a soldier came back from the front
23. a stab in the back
24. a stranger in my own back yard
25. a yank comes back
26. act of slipping back
27. acute low back pain
28. adam back
29. add-back
30. add back
31. adolescent round back
32. ain't back yet
33. aint back yet
34. air bud spikes back
35. akira back
36. all back to the mine
37. all the rage back home
38. all the way back to liverpool
39. all the way to egery and back
40. allow back
41. alpine loop national back country byway
42. always come back to your love
43. amplified back bias
44. amy's back in austin
45. amys back in austin
46. and now back to our programming
47. angle back-pressure valve
48. angle back pressure valve
49. angry back
50. angry back syndrome
51. answer-back
52. answer-back code
53. answer-back codes
54. answer back
55. answer back code
56. answer back codes
57. answer sb back
58. answer someone back
59. answered back
60. answered sb back
61. answering back
62. answering sb back
63. answers back
64. answers sb back
65. arc-back
66. arc back
67. arch one's back
68. arch ones back
69. arching back
70. arching back downward
71. argue back
72. armature back ampere turns
73. around the world and back
74. arrow-back chair
75. arrow-back chairs
76. arrow back
77. arrow back chair
78. arrow back chairs
79. ash die-back
80. ash die back
81. ask back
82. asleep in the back
83. asphalt cut back
84. ass back home
85. at/in the back of one's mind
86. at/in the back of your mind
87. at back
88. at in the back of ones mind
89. at in the back of your mind
90. at one's back
91. at ones back
92. at someone's back
93. at someones back
94. at the back of beyond
95. at the back of her mind
96. at the back of his mind
97. at the back of mind
98. at the back of one's mind
99. at the back of ones mind
100. at the back of the north wind

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