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1. assume
2. assume a can opener
3. assume a character
4. assume a fighting attitude
5. assume a lofty bearing
6. assume a low profile
7. assume a mask
8. assume a patronizing air
9. assume a pattern
10. assume a risk
11. assume again
12. assume as an axiom
13. assume authority
14. assume command
15. assume crystalline form
16. assume definite characteristics
17. assume for public use
18. assume form
19. assume good faith
20. assume good intent
21. assume liability for
22. assume ownership
23. assume responsibility
24. assume responsibility for
25. assume sponsorship of
26. assume the appearance of
27. assume the character of
28. assume the mantle
29. assume the offensive
30. assume the position
31. assume the position with mr. wuhl
32. assume the position with mr wuhl
33. assume the role of
34. assume unlawful rights of ownership
35. assume vivid astro focus
36. assume without authority
37. just assume
38. re-assume
39. re assume
40. to assume the calotte


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