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101. helper applications
102. holdover in synchronization applications
103. iac applications
104. ieee industry applications society
105. industrial applications of microwave
106. information retrieval applications
107. innovative software applications
108. insurance applications
109. integrated applications environment
110. integrated applications promotion
111. ion beam applications
112. iphone applications
113. ism applications
114. job applications
115. joint applications development
116. journal of algebra and its applications
117. journal of biomaterials applications
118. kde applications
119. killer applications
120. kite applications
121. laser applications
122. legal applications
123. light-front quantization applications
124. light front quantization applications
125. linear algebra and its applications
126. list of agpl web applications
127. list of amc transmission applications
128. list of applications for lasers
129. list of applications of arm cores
130. list of applications using lua
131. list of beos applications
132. list of dock applications
133. list of dsiware games and applications
134. list of dvd authoring applications
135. list of free software web applications
136. list of genetic algorithm applications
137. list of gnome applications
138. list of gtk applications
139. list of inferno applications
140. list of kde applications
141. list of laser applications
142. list of lighting design applications
143. list of microsoft software applications
144. list of morphos bundled applications
145. list of mosfet applications
146. list of most downloaded ios applications
147. list of nanotechnology applications
148. list of open source android applications
149. list of opencl applications
150. list of opengl applications
151. list of plan 9 applications
152. list of playstation applications
153. list of polyurethane applications
154. list of portable applications
155. list of risc os bundled applications
156. list of web based applications
157. list of wikipedia mobile applications
158. list of xbox one applications
159. list of zune applications
160. loan applications
161. machine vision and applications
162. manager of business applications
163. master of computer applications
164. mathematical applications group
165. medical applications of radio frequency
166. medical informatics applications
167. message-oriented applications
168. message oriented applications
169. messaging applications programming interface
170. meteorological applications
171. microwave applications
172. middleware for robotic applications
173. mobile applications
174. mobile phone applications
175. mortgage applications
176. national center for supercomputing applications
177. net applications
178. network applications
179. north-eastern space applications centre
180. north eastern space applications centre
181. npj 2d materials and applications
182. office applications
183. office applications suite
184. online dating applications
185. open source applications foundation
186. operational amplifier applications
187. oracle applications
188. oracle co-operative applications
189. oracle co operative applications
190. oracle fusion applications
191. partial applications
192. partial function applications
193. patent applications
194. pct applications
195. pendency for patent applications
196. planning applications
197. portable applications
198. portable fuel cell applications
199. potential applications of graphene
200. powerpc applications

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