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1. a girl isn't allowed to love
2. a girl isnt allowed to love
3. all girls allowed
4. allowed
5. allowed energy bands
6. allowed for
7. allowed for sth
8. allowed hours
9. allowed in
10. allowed of
11. allowed of sth
12. allowed time
13. allowed times
14. allowed to keep terms
15. allowed transition
16. allowed transitions
17. bender should not be allowed on tv
18. discount allowed
19. here one is allowed to sleep in the barn
20. hits allowed per 9 innings pitched
21. no boys allowed
22. no dogs allowed
23. no dogs and chinese allowed
24. no guns allowed
25. no heroes allowed
26. no intelligence allowed
27. no love allowed
28. no weenies allowed
29. not allowed
30. not allowed by law
31. not to be allowed
32. standard allowed hours
33. thinking allowed
34. time allowed


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